Fundilag Hierro


Fundilag Hierro S.A. de C.V. is a lost foam foundry dedicated to supply gray and ductile iron parts for different fields. Our more than 27 years experience, casting parts with the lost foam process has given us the skill to offer considerable advantages from this unique process. Some of the advantages against some other processes are:

  • None or very small draft angle
  • Thin wall section Parts
  • Part’s weight reduction
  • High cored Parts competitiveness
  • Excellent dimensional repeatability
  • Very low removable stock for machining

Fundilag Hierro S.A. de C.V. has a 300 metric Tons melting capacity per day and is equipped with state of the art machinery to control our complete production process. Here you will find some of the equipment we use for production:

  • 44 Foam molding machines
  • 24 Carrousels with molding station and sand reclaimer. All of them with Mullite media ( Low expansión media )
  • 4 Power Units with 2500 KW and 2 furnaces hooked to each power unit
  • Complete laboratorios with Spectrometer, Microscope, Hardness Tester, Universal Tensile Test Machine, etc…
  • 5 Tumbling shot blast machines with 14 cubic feet capacity
  • 2 Shot blasting machine with 28 cubic feet capacity
  • 2 Spinner hanger Shot blasting machines
  • More than 40 grinding machines
  • 25 Abrasive cutter machines
  • Several Pneumatic Leaking Test machines

Fundilag Hierro S.A. de C.V. belong to the same group as Tormex Industrias S.A. de C.V., which support the Manufacturing of tooling for the Lost Foam process, E-coat primer paint and machining of all casting requested, in order to supply finished parts ready to be assembled.

Fundilag Hierro S.A. de C.V. and Tormex Industrias S.A. de C.V. have as a quality policy to comply with our client’s quality requirements, lead time, competitive prices and excellence in service, using the day by day improvement and that way get the targets.

Tormex Industrias S.A. de C.V. is equipped with the latest technology to design and cut tooling for the lost foam process. 9 Seats of Pro-E software are used to design 3D shapes for the different tooling needed. More than 120 Vertical Machining Centers, 7 CNC Turning lathe, 8 CMM, Several Conventional Milling machines, additional peripheral equipment and high skill personal support our strength to be highly competitive in the market.